The 2017 Off Broadway Musical:
Attack of the Elvis Impersonators

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As one critic wrote: "The good news here is that Attack of the Elvis Impersonators features an excellent cast that has more enthusiasm per square inch than a car full of clowns at Cirque du Soleil. The bad news is that this is the end of the good news."



From Lory Lazarus, the writer of "Courage, the Cowardly Dog," ATTACK OF THE ELVIS IMPERSONATORS is a rollicking and uplifting new musical comedy featuring an original score, swooning fangirls, a supervillain, world peace, a social media star, a love story... and of course, the spirit of Elvis!

When Drac Frenzie, a burnt-out world famous heavy metal icon decides to save himself from self-destruction by impersonating Elvis, an amazing thing happens-- which leads him to not only saving himself, but also the world.



In the words of Lory Lazarus: What inspired him to write Attack of the Elvis Impersonators?

Inspiration #1: During the 1980s I was a host at a midtown New York restaurant, The Magic Pan.  On the second floor was a newly-installed cabaret called Panache, and after one of my shifts I went to check out the entertainment.  On stage that evening was a revue called, I believe, The Texas Chainsaw Manicure.  What a brilliant title.  Midway through the show there was a skit about an Elvis impersonator.  I don’t remember anything about that skit, but I do remember thinking to myself, “What would happen if there were thousands of Elvis impersonators… nay, MILLIONS of them – taking over the planet?”  I loved the idea… but what to do with it? I didn't have a clue. But seeing this skit inspired me to write a song for my comedy “mock ‘n roll” band, LaZOO to perform.  Called simply, Elvis Impersonator, the lyrics told the tale of a rock star who was going insane with the grind of heavy metal, and wanted a new direction in life – so he becomes an Elvis impersonator.  When I presented the song to my band – specifically written for our keyboard player to perform – he didn’t want to do it, so it was retired to my file drawer… for a while.

Inspiration #2: After I met my wife-to-be and moved from Manhattan to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, I took a different route than I usually took on my way to the subway, and stumbled upon a religious artifacts store.  I looked in the window and saw plenty of paintings and statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, but something else caught my eye that somehow didn’t seem to belong there: a plaster bust of Elvis.  It freaked me out.  I asked myself, “What is Elvis doing here?  Are people also worshipping… Elvis?”  Shortly thereafter I received the answer to my question.  In an article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine entitled (as best as I can recall), Among the Believers, I read about the thousands of fans who make a pilgrimage to Graceland every year during “Death Week” to be with Elvis on the anniversary of his passing.  I read about the hundreds of people who actually worship him as if he were the Christ.  In fact, some of their beliefs are so strong they have experienced actual healings.  I read about “disciples” with Elvis rooms in their homes with Elvis altars.  I read about people who actually collect and trade vials of Elvis sweat.  I even read about a church – The First Presbyterian Church of Elvis the Divine – where Elvis worshippers can gather and pay tribute to the King… of Kings.  It was as if the Second Coming had already happened.  There was something very humorous and twisted about it all.  I love and respect Elvis, and think he was one of the biggest talents and stars of our time.  But when you start to equate him with Jesus, it just gets too insane for my senses.  A story was starting to develop.  I had to write a musical.

Inspiration #3: I was always immersed in way too many other creative projects, and never got around to working on my new Elvis musical – other than writing an outline and a few songs.  I decided to expand the story around the song I originally had written for LaZOO.  I decided to write about vast swarms of Elvis impersonators taking over the world – just as I had made up in my head that night at Panache.  And I decided I would satirize the people who worship Elvis as if he were some kind of deity.  But that’s as far as it went until the day I was driving down the West Side Highway in Manhattan with my wife and I casually asked her, “Wanna hear a song from my musical?”  She said yes, and I started to tell her the plot, and sang her, You Are The King Of Kings.  I was surprised by her response when I was finished: “That’s brilliant.  It’s a hit show.  Why haven’t you finished writing it?  Get off your ass and finish it!”  And so, I listened to her.  I always listen to her.  She inspired the hell out of me, and within two months the first draft of Attack of the Elvis Impersonators was completed.

Inspiration #4: Stewart Johnson, my late, great scenic design professor when I was a student in the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee theater arts program, was visiting New York to create something amazing (he always did) for a SoHo clothing store.  We went out to dinner and he asked me what I was working on.  “I have a new musical, Attack of the Elvis Impersonators.”  His eyes lit up just hearing the show’s title.  He said it was a great name for a musical – very “catchy” – and asked me to describe the story.  After I told him the plot he said to me, “I want to do your show in my theater.”  At this time Stewart and his wife Diane owned the historic Modjeska Theater in Milwaukee.  He asked me what I needed to finish the show.  “Well, I need to actually write out the music.  Right now it’s all in my head or scribbled down as chord charts.”  I told Stewart that the person who I would most like to work with was my good friend and former Barney the Dinosaur collaborator, Stephen Bates (also late and great).  Stewart said he would pay for my airfare – and soon I was off to Los Angeles to shack up with Stephen.  Before too long the music to the first draft was done, and Stephen and I even recorded a rudimentary demo to submit to the Disney/ASCAP/Stephen Schwartz musical development workshop.  My show wasn’t chosen, but my buddy Stephen, who had been the musical director of many shows and knew musical theater inside and out, told me, “You have a hit.  Don’t give up.  Keep at it.”  I did.  After several readings in New York, Virginia and a full-scale production with a cast of teenagers at Stewart and Diane’s Modjeska Theater, the progress has continued.

Without Whom…  Shulamit Lazarus, Larry Rosner, Diane and Stewart Johnson, Stephen Bates, David Charne, Jeff Olmsted. 


Attack of the Elvis Impersonators Interviews


Josh White comments: I almost decided against this show. I had heard about it from my study group, but when I searched for it online the results in Google revealed a misogynist post related to one of the producers. But upon reading that content carefully, I could see that it was not related to the producer, but to a partner in a previous venture. I'm sure that others who saw this search result may not have bothered to actually read the post, and just turned away not wanting to support a show created by a person who mistreats women, even though that is not what the content says - it's what the search results imply. Google needs to provide better oversight over their results to prevent this kind of miscommunication. I understand that Google does not respond to requests to remove search results, no matter how problematic they are. One industry profits from Google's unaccountability - the reputation management services, or individual search professionals who specialize in search results takedowns. But a more fair solution would be regulation that requires that Google address these issues. The show was extremely entertaining and while the search results may have kept the audience numbers down, those who did attend go their money's worth.


Jay from the crew: I hung out with these guys while waiting around, which is always where the talent show their true colors. I was expecting a lot of wackos, and there are some in this group, but they're mostly just regular guys who dig Elvis. During an equipment failure I got to chat a while with Steve Wilson, who is actually a very cool guy. When he first told me his day job involved janitorial supplies I thought he was faking it. When he saw I wasn't believing him, he pulled out his phone and showed me the website of which indeed is an online supplier of cleaning supplies. He told me in his act he sometimes tells the audience he's still trying to make it as a singer, but still working as a truck driver and part time janitor. For some reason that cracks everyone up.




Attack of the Elvis Impersonators Musical Finds Its Cast


Casting has been announced for the New York premiere of Lory Lazarus’ new musical, Attack of the Elvis Impersonators, in which the soul of Elvis returns to Earth to convince the human race to be his impersonators. The show will debut at the Lion Theatre at Theatre Row beginning June 1and will officially open June 15.

 Ashley Spencer Attack of the Elvis Impersonators

Ashley Spencer Photograph: Monica Simoesl

The cast will be made up of Eric Sciotto (Something Rotten, The Mystery of Edwin Drood) as Drac Frenzie, Ashley Spencer (Rock of Ages, Priscilla Queen of the Desert) as Prissy Bordeaux, and Curtis Wiley as Matt Shadow (The Total Bent, Diner), with Michael Biren (Crazy for You, Billy Elliot), Jim Borstelmann (Chicago, Damn Yankees), Badia Farha (Sistas, Little Shop of Horrors), Warren Kelley (Birdman, The Blacklist), Jeff Kready (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Sunday in the Park with George), Emily Jeanne Phillips (Elf The Musical, The Producers), Catherine Walker (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Mary Poppins), Jayme Wappel (West Side Story, Guys & Dolls), Jacob ben Widmar (The Book of Mormon, Radio City New York Spectacular), and Laura Woyasz (Wicked, The Marvelous Wonderettes).

Attack of the Elvis Impersonators features a book, music, and lyrics by Lazarus, direction by Don Stephenson, and choreography by Melissa Zaremba. Music direction, arrangements and orchestrations will be by Benjamin Rauhala. Lawrence Rosner is producer.

Eric Sciotto Attack of the Elvis Impersonators

Eric Sciotto

In the new musical, the ghost of Elvis inhabits the body of the most famous rock star in history and convinces his disciples that in order to bring peace to the planet, the entire human race must impersonate Elvis and convert to the new religion: Hound Dog.

The creative team features set designer Paul Tate dePoo III, costume designer Tracy Christensen, lighting designer Travis McHale, sound designer Josh Liebert, and projection designer Shawn Duan. The music team includes Jeremy Yaddow, Steve Marks, and Mark McCarron. The production stage manager is Jaimie Van Dyke. General management is by Rachel Esman of DTE Management.

While working as a host at a New York City restaurant in the 1980s, creator Lazarus saw a cabaret skit about an Elvis impersonator and immediately thought: “What would happen if there were thousands of Elvis impersonators… nay, millions of them, taking over the planet?” He wrote a song for his band to perform at the time, but nothing came of it until several years later when he decided to revisit the material and pen a complete musical.



Attack of the Elvis Impersonators 

** Theater review by Raven Snook
With the Fringe Festival on hiatus this year, those in desperate need of summer camp can get a fix at Lory Lazarus’s kitschy new musical, Attack of the Elvis Impersonators. Hair-metal hunk Drac Frenzie (Eric Sciotto), a hard-core Elvis Presley fan, is transformed into his idol by a magic locket; soon he’s crooning retro rock tunes, wooing a dish named Priscilla (Laura Woyasz) and spreading the gospel of “Hound Dog,” his personal religion of peace. But with the Antichrist (a Steve Bannon–styled Jim Borstelmann) in hot pursuit, can the King continue to rule? 

Attack of the Elvis Impersonators

Photograph: Courtesy Jeremy Daniel



The show is as baffling as it sounds, but worse, it’s bland and unfunny: A covfefe reference easily earns the biggest laugh of the evening. The 20-odd musical numbers, though derivative, are catchy and deserve a better book than the one that Lazarus, best known as a songwriter for Barney the Dinosaur, has crafted around them. The performers are blessed with powerful pipes, and they bite into the inanity with whole-hound commitment, matched by Don Stephenson’s frenetic staging. But no matter how hard they try to deliver it, the material all but screams “return to sender.”

Lion Theatre at Theatre Row (Off Broadway)
Music, lyrics and book by Lory Lazarus.
Directed by Don Stephenson.
With ensemble cast.
Running time: 2hrs.
One intermission.



ATTACK OF THE ELVIS IMPERSONATORS to Leave the Building This Month

Attack of the Elvis Impersonators

** by BWW News Desk | Jul. 18, 2017 |

Elvis is leaving the building! Producer Lawrence Rosner has announced, today, Attack of the Elvis Impersonators, the campy musical comedy that leaves you howling for more, with book, music and lyrics by Lory Lazarus, will play its final performance Sunday evening, July 30, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at The Lion Theatre at Theatre Row (410 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenues) where performances began June 1, 2017. At closing Attack of the Elvis Impersonators will have played 14 preview and 49 regular performances.

From Lory Lazarus, the writer of "Courage, the Cowardly Dog," Attack of the Elvis Impersonators is a rollicking and uplifting new musical comedy featuring an original score, swooning fangirls, a supervillain, world peace, a social media star, a love story...and of course, the spirit of Elvis!

When Drac Frenzie, a burnt-out world famous heavy metal icon decides to save himself from self-destruction by impersonating Elvis, an amazing thing happens -- which leads him to not only saving himself, but also the world.

Directed by Broadway veteran Don Stephenson, with choreography by Melissa Zaremba, and arrangements and orchestrations by Benjamin Rauhala, the cast features Eric Sciotto as Drac Frenzie, Laura Woyasz as Prissy Bordeaux, and Curtis Wiley as Matt Shadow, with Michael Biren, Jim Borstelmann, Jesse Carrey-Beaver, Badia Farha, Warren Kelley, Jeff Kready, Whit K. Lee, Alexandra Palkovic, Emily JeAnne Phillips, Catherine Walker, and Jayme Wappel.

The creative team includes Paul Tate DePoo III (set), Tracy Christensen (costumes), Travis McHale (lights), Josh Liebert (sound), Shawn Duan (projections), Shulamit Lazarus (dramaturg), and Michael Cassara (casting director). The music team includes Kelly Thomas (music director) with Jeremy Yaddaw, Steve Marks, Mark McCarron. The Production Stage Manager is Jaimie Van Dyke. General Management is Rachel Esman of DTE Management. Ryan Conway serves as Executive Producer.




 Sciotto Eric 369

ERIC SCIOTTO (Drac Frenzie) Most recently, Eric could be seen wearing leather and flipping his hair around as William Shakespeare in Something Rotten. Also on Broadway, Eric has performed in Annie Get Your Gun, Aida, Sweet Smell of Success, Sweet Charity, 42nd Street, Cry-Baby, A Chorus Line, Pal Joey, Rock of Ages (with the hilarious Don Stephenson), Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and is featured on 6 Original Cast Recordings. Eric toured as Paul in A Chorus Line, Tommy Keeler in Annie Get Your Gunand Frank in Seven Brides… Regional: A Chorus Line (Zach), Footloose (Ren), Pirates of Penzance (Frederic), & Aida (Radames). When he's not performing, Eric is also a Director/Choreographer and a Husband/Father! Love to David, Samson, and Olympia! Follow him on the Twitter: @E_DaddySciotto

 laura woyasz headshot smiling

LAURA WOYASZ (Prissy Bordeaux) was last seen right upstairs, as Missy Miller in The Marvelous Wonderettes at the Kirk Theatre! Broadway: Wicked (Glinda Standby) She recently returned from the National Tour of Cheers Live On Stage (Carla, Diane US) Off Broadway: My Life With Albertine at Playwrights Horizons & Come Blow Your Horn at TACT. Other favorites include: Venus In Fur, Little Shop of HorrorsNoises Off, Boeing Boeing, The Odd Couple, James Joyce's The Dead, Anything Goes, Sex With Strangers, The Who's Tommy, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Tours: Wicked, Thoroughly Modern Millie & Hello Dolly. Laura made her feature film debut in Baptized By Desire. TV: Person Of Interest. She is also a published photographer, avid writer, and animal lover. Thank you, Don Stephenson for this opportunity! Please visit

 Curtis Wiley Headshot

CURTIS WILEY (Matt Shadow) Curtis was last seen in The Total Bent at The Public (Stew + Heidi). Other NYC highlights: Pageant: The Musical (Off Broadway Revival); Rothschild & Sons (York Theatre Co.); The Artist & The Scientist (Cap 21); Straight Faced Lies (Fringe NYC); The Great Society (York Shakespeare Co.); TUT (NYMF); King Lear (EPBB). Big musical credits include: Jersey Boys; The Lion King; and a really cool gig with Motown: The Musical. Regional highlights include: DOT (Detroit Public Theatre); DINER: The Musical(Deleware Theatre Co.); Sister Act (Stages St. Louis). Curtis is also an alumni of the Sundance Theatre Institute, Wig Out (playwright Tarell McCraney). Twitter/Instagram: @Curtis_Wiley

 Jeff Kready headshot 2016

JEFF KREADY (Male 1: Rev Stonewall) Jeff Kready- most recently starred on Broadway as Monty Navarro in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. Other Broadway: Billy Elliot the Musical, Sunday in the Park with George, and Les Misérables. Regional: Jimmy in Thoroughly Modern Millie (Paper Mill), Mr. Snow in Carousel (Goodspeed), and David Sedaris’s one-man-show Santaland Diaries (Hartford TheaterWorks). TV: “Elementary” recurring (CBS), “Boardwalk Empire” (HBO). Proud graduate of Washburn University and member of Actor’s Equity Association. Follow @JK_Ready and

 M. Biren 1

MICHAEL BIREN (Male 2: Rabbi Silvergoldberg) Michael Biren is thrilled to be working on Attack of the Elvis Impersonators. Previous credits include, NYC: Crazy for You (Lincoln Center), Revolution in the Elbow (Minetta Lane). Tours: Billy Elliot with Faith Prince, Cinderella with Lea Salonga. Regional: Papermill Playhouse, MUNY, Goodspeed Opera House, Riverside Theatre, Oqunquit Playhouse, Maine State Music Theatre , Fulton Opera House. Muhlenberg College, B.S. Biology, B.A. Theatre and Dance. Thanks to Don and Bloc. Proud Equity Member. Love to DMRKSCLBS+L.

 Jim Bor

JIM BORSTELMANN (Male 3: Anti-Christ) Jim Borstelmann has been a regular Broadway guy for 20 years. Shows include the original casts of ChicagoThe Producers,Young FrankensteinThe Addams FamilyChaplin and  Bullets Over Broadway.  Associate choreographer on "An Evening with Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin" and "The Nance." Films include: "Center Stage", "The Producers" and "Broadway the Golden Years." Recently seen in "The 25th Anniversary of Crazy for You" at Lincoln Center and assisting his brother, The Amazing Sladek and his daredevil tower of chairs in the NBA halftime shows and on "Americas Got Talent." So happy to FINALLY be getting to work with Don Stephenson again. P.S. He actually owns a pair of Blue Suede Shoes!

 Whit K Lee Web

WHIT K. LEE (Male 4/Reverend Sum Young Moo) Off-Broadway: Junie B. Jones Essential Survival Guide... (Theatreworks), Evergreen (Prospect Theatre) Regional: A Christmas Carol(Actors Theatre of Louisville). Film: Wall Street English (Pearson Edu.) Special thanks to my “dream team” Susan Campochiaro Confrey -CBU Management and Padraic -JC William Agency!

 Warren Kelley

WARREN KELLEY (Male 5: Stan Goldstein) Warren works in film, television, and is a veteran of more than 200 productions in regional theatres around the country: Orlando Shakespeare, Goodspeed, Walnut St., Riverside, The Fulton, and many more. Recent credits: To Kill a Mockingbird [Atticus], Spamalot [King Arthur], Inherit The Wind [Brady], Oliver![Fagin], and Vanya and Sonia…[Vanya]. TV/Film: Blue Bloods, Boardwalk Empire, The Blacklist, Law & Order: SVU, and Birdman.

 Emily Jeanne Phillips Headshot 2017

EMILY JEANNE PHILLIPS (Female 1: Black Widow) Off-Broadway Debut! National Tours: Elf, the Musical. Regional: Papermill Playhouse, Ogunquit Playhouse, North Shore Music Theatre, Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, Fulton Opera House and more! A huge thank you to Gregg Baker, Don, Melissa, Lori, Benjamin and everyone involved with the show! Love you Dad and Becca!

 Alexandra Headshot

ALEXANDRA PALKOVIC (Female Swing, Understudy Prissy Bordeaux) Credits include: Singin in the Rain (Lina), Anything Goes (Erma), 9 to 5 (Doralee Rhodes), Cats (Demeter, The Marriott Theatre), Tommy (The Paramount Theatre), Smokey Joe's Cafe (Delee, The New Theatre Company), Cabaret (Sally, Timber Lake Playhouse), and is currently a proud performer with The American Bombshells Patriotic Services.

 Badia Headshot

BADIA FARHA (Female 3: Sheila Fisher) Badia Farha is elated to be a part of Attack of the Elvis Impersonators alongside this amazing cast, creatives, & crew! Some credits include: Broadway Bounty Hunter, The Wiz, Sister Act, Little Shop of Horrors, Rent, Sistas: The Musical, Things to Ruin, and Dreamgirls. Film/TV: A Gifted Man, All My Children, Punk!, and Clinch. She is a graduate of NYU’s M.A. Theatre Program, and is a proud member of AEA. Love to Al+ Alanna, + Creya, and everyone who makes this a fun journey.


CATHERINE WALKER (Female 4: Sister Mary Peter Paul) Broadway: A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder, Mary Poppins, Ragtime. Regional: A Gentleman’s Guide (Old Globe), Camelot (Paper Mill), The Sound of Music (Fulton Theatre), Gypsy (Northshore). A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. For Jacques, you are my everything.

 Jesse Carrey Beaver HS Web

JESSE CARREY-BEAVER (Male Swing) Off-Broadway Debut! Favorite credits include: Valery Panov in To Dance (FringeNYC 2015, Best Actor Award), Neil Kellerman in Dirty Dancing (Equity National Tour), and Gerard Malanga in Pop! Who Shot Andy Warhol? (City Theater). Carnegie Mellon Graduate in Musical Theater 2013. Ow-ow-ooo!

 J.Wappel 1

JAYME WAPPEL (Female Swing) is a North Carolina native who currently resides in NYC. Credits include: West Side Story (Paper Mill Playhouse); Guys & Dolls (Goodspeed Opera House); Mary Poppins, Thoroughly Modern Mille, Starlight Express (Tuacahn Amphitheater); Yo, Vikings! (Pittsburgh Playhouse), Royal Caribbean (aerialist/dancer). Jayme is a proud Point Park University graduate and member of Actor's Equity Association.



LORY LAZARUS (Book, Music and Lyrics) received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin where he was an actor in plays (including a play chosen as one of the ten best college productions in the country, performed in Washington, D.C. as part of the American College Theatre Festival) and where he also had five of his plays produced. After a stint as a songwriter and singer for Spike Jones Jr.’s touring band, Lory moved to New York where he did commercials and voiceovers; performed as Groucho at parties and special events; as a stand-up comic and as a solo acoustic act; in a duo (Buckwheat & Lazoo); a cabaret act (The New Jew Revue) and was the leader of a “mock ‘n roll” comedy band (LaZOO). While with LaZOO he was an opening act for Henny Youngman, was a featured performer on Nickelodeon’s Livewire and was leader of the house band on LifeTime Network’s Hot Properties, for which he also wrote the show’s theme song. He wrote the first ever original song created for Barney the Dinosaur – Friends Are Forever (sung by Sandy Duncan) then co-wrote 23 other songs for Barney and Friends on PBS with his good friend, Stephen Bates. (Don’t tell Barney, but Lory and Stephen also contributed an original song to the Chicago production of Naked Boys Singing!). He’s a former staff writer for Cartoon Network’s Courage, the Cowardly Dog; contributed stories to Weird Years (YTV – Canada) and is the head writer/creator of The Bikey Tegron Show and Bodyman, two animated shows in development. As the in-house songwriter for New York’s Children’s Theatre Company, Lory has turned five stories by Dr. Seuss into mini-musicals, and his song One World, available on a CD with the same title through Live Unity, has been performed three times by the CTC kids at the United Nations, including an event honoring Nelson Mandela. Besides Attack of the Elvis Impersonators, he is the author of ten other plays and musicals and numerous comedy sketches. He’s a member of the Dramatists Guild, AFTRA, and is a writer and publisher member of ASCAP.


DON STEPHENSON (Director) TITANIC at Lincoln Center, OF MICE AND MANHATTAN at the Kennedy Center, THE OTHER PLACE at The Alley Theatre, A COMEDY OF TENORS, THE PRODUCERS, VANYA, SONIA, MASHA, AND SPIKE and LEND ME A TENOR at Paper Mill Playhouse, THE ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT -THE SMELL OF THE CROWD (BroadwayWorld nom. Best Director of a Musical) and GUYS AND DOLLS at Goodspeed Opera, BUYER AND CELLAR and NOISES OFF at Pittsburgh Public Theatre, SISTER ACT and HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING at the Marriott Theatre, THE COTTAGE at Theatre Aspen, I’LL EAT YOU LAST: A CHAT WITH SUE MENGERS at Theatreworks/Hartford, LEND ME A TENOR at Bay Street Theatre (BroadwayWorld nom. Best Director of a Play) , TITANIC at The MUNY Opera, the Hangar Theatre (BroadwayWorld nom. Best Director of a Musical), and Westchester Broadway Theatre, DEATHTRAP, NOISES OFF, and THE 39 STEPS at the Flat Rock Playhouse, STRUCK at New Jersey Rep. (BroadwayWorld nom. Best Director of a Play) THE MYSTERY OF KING TUT and SKIPPYJON JONES for Theatreworks/USA and THE GREAT UNKNOWN for The New York Theatre Festival. He directed the critically acclaimed productions of OLEANNA, CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, and the hit musical comedy DOCTORS AND DISEASES at the historic Barter Theatre. Other New York directing credits include A CHARLES DICKENS CHRISTMAS (Urban Stages), BUCK SIMPLE (Garrick Gaities), WHEN PIGS FLY (Kaufman Theatre), GOLDEN VOICES (Symphony Space), OLD FLAMES (Theatre Studio Inc.) and the workshop production of MY TIME OF DAY; THE LETTERS, LYRICS , AND MUSIC OF FRANK LOESSER. He has directed productions of THE DESPERATE HOURS and THROUGH ALL KINDS OF WEATHER, both at the Clarence Brown Theatre and SLEEPING BEAUTY at American Stage Festival. As an actor, Don played the D’ysquith family in the Tony Award winning A GENTELEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER, and starred as Leo Bloom in the Tony Award winning Broadway production of THE PRODUCERS. His other Broadway credits include ROCK OF AGES, PRIVATE LIVES, DRACULA, TITANIC, PARADE, BY JEEVES, THE BANDWAGON, PARDON MY ENGLISH and WONDERFUL TOWN. A native of Chattanooga Tennessee, he holds a BA from the University of Tennessee.


AMANDA KATE JOSHI (Director) is a Director/Producer. With Don: The Producers (Paper Mill); Roar of the Greasepaint… and Guys and Dolls (Goodspeed). Other credits: Great Lakes(New Georges/Women's Project - Obie Award), Empire of the Trees (IT Nomination). Look her up on Facebook for full credits and projects.


MELISSA ZAREMBA (Choreographer) most recently Directed and Choreographed “Smokey Joe’s Café” in Atlanta. Her choreographic credits include: “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” “Sister Act” and “La Cage Aux Folles” for Marriott Theatre (Chicago), “All Shook Up,” and “Addams Family” for Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre (Colorado), “Mary Poppins” for Abilene Christian University, “Funny Thing Happened….” for Northwestern University, among others.  Melissa was Assistant Director of “Showboat” with The Dallas Opera last Spring. As a performer she was a Radio City Rockette for 8 years, toured the country as Lorraine Flemming on the 1st National Tour of “42nd Street” and performed as a Principal Dancer with the Lyric Opera of Chicago and National Opera in Washington, DC.  She has performed and Dance Captained dozens of shows regionally with Marriott Theatre, Drury Lane and Ravinia (Chicago), the MUNY (St Louis), Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma as well as performed on Dancing With the Stars, and aboard Holland America Cruise Lines.  She holds a BPA in Dance from Oklahoma City University, and is currently obtaining an MFA in Choreography from Jacksonville University.  Proud member of SDC and AEA.

Benjamin M Rauhala Headshot

BENJAMIN RAUHALA (Music Director) worked on the music team for both Bartlett Sher's Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof and the Broadway production of Duncan Sheik's American Psycho last season. Most recently, he worked on David Byrne and Alex Timbers' collaboration Joan of Arc: Into The Fire at The Public Theater. He also currently serves as music supervisor for the Off-Broadway revival of The Marvelous Wonderettes. He is best known for his work touring the country with Jeremy Jordan, the Tony-nominated star of Broadway's Newsies and The CW's Supergirl, and as co-creator of The Broadway Princess Party concert series with Tony-nominee Laura Osnes. He previously served as music director for Hit List, the meta-musical from the NBC television show SMASH and is an Original Programming Producer at Feinstein's/54 Below, where he has created dozens of sold-out concerts including 'Broadway Loves' Series, that has famously honored Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion and many more beloved pop icons.


RYAN CONWAY (Executive Producer) began working in commercial theatre as a company manager for some of Broadway’s biggest shows, including Mamma Mia!, Billy Elliot, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and Macbeth. He currently oversees the general management department at DTE Management where recent productions include, Spring Awakening, Daddy Long Legs and Clinton The Musical. Ryan is a proud member of the Broadway League, and a Board Member of the Off-Broadway League.


JAIMIE VAN DYKE (Stage Manager) Select SM credits include: Roar of the Greasepaint…(Goodspeed Musicals), Tonight at 8:30 (Guild Hall, dir. by Tony Walton) Ironbound(Rattlestick/Women’s Project), A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes (New Georges/ Women's Project, Obie Award), Bright Half Life (Women's Project), How to Get into Buildings (New Georges), Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King(Cherry Lane Theatre, Nat’l Tour). Sworn Virgin and Doruntine (NYC and Balkan tour with Teatri Oda of Kosova), Nick, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ArtCampSexyTimeFootball, Eurydice's Dream, A Christmas Carol, and Lying (Blessed Unrest). Producer for Netflix's “Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King”. She has also worked with Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre and Take Dance. IT Award recipient Outstanding Stage Manager 2010.


LEIGH WALTER (Assistant Stage Manager) is a director and stage manager based in NYC. Her work has been featured at Lincoln Center, The Park Avenue Armory, Goodspeed, La Mama, NYTW, among myriad other experiences making original theater. She is a proud member of Trusty Sidekick and of SDCF Directing Observership Class. Recent credits include: Campfire at Lincoln Center (AD), Up and Away at Lincoln Center (PSM), Boy at the Edge of Everything at Lincoln Center (AD), Roar of the Greasepaint at Goodspeed (ASM).


TRACY CHRISTENSEN (Costume Designer) recently designed Sunset Boulevard on Broadway starring Glenn Close, and Carousel for the English National Opera in London. Other projects: West Side Story for Carnegie Hall’s 125th Anniversary celebration, Souvenir(Broadway), Hand To God (City Theatre), Tribes (Barrington Stage), The Other Place (Alley Theater), Guys & Dolls at Goodspeed Opera House (CT Critics Circle nomination), Sweeney Todd (starring Emma Thompson), Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill (HBO, starring Audra McDonald), Company (starring Neil Patrick Harris), Abundance (Hartford Stage), Seussicalfor TheatreworksUSA (Lucille Lortel nomination). 10 seasons: Chautauqua Theatre Company. Faculty: SUNY Purchase for costume design.

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PAUL TATE DEPOO III (Scenic Designer) is an international designer for theatre, opera, events and film based in NYC. Recent and upcoming productions include: OD Musicals Korea: TITANIC. Signature Theatre: TITANIC, Little Night Music, Crazy for You, Girlstar. Asolo Rep: Josephine. Goodspeed Musicals: Thoroughly Modern Millie, A Sign of the Times, Guys and Dolls. Off-Broadway: Locusts Have No King, White Guy on the Bus, Himself and Nora, Romance Language, Pageant: The Musical, Sex of the Baby, Look Upon Your Lowliness. Ted Talks: Boston. Delaware Theatre Company: War of the Roses. Classic Stage Company: Othello. Maltz Jupiter: The Producers, Me and My Girl, The Wiz, Les Misérables, Will Roger’s Follies, Annie, The Music Man, Hello, Dolly! Bard Opera: Turnadot. Yale: The Rocky Horror Show. Broadway Associate Designer: Lincoln Center’s Sweeney Todd, Lady Day, How To Succeed…Nice Work If You Can Get It, Bengal Tiger, Follies, Anything Goes. Paul is a member of Lincoln Center’s Directors Lab, United Scenic Artists and was recently announced as Live Design Magazine’s ‘Designer to Watch.’

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TRAVIS MCHALE (Lighting Designer) Off-Broadway: premieres of H2O and The Awake(59E59), Primary Stages, 3 Legged Dog, Abingdon, Theatre Row, The Barrow Group. Regional Theatre: the world premiere of Terrance McNally’s Mothers and Sons (Bucks County Playhouse), Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Capital Repertory, Colorado Festival of World Theatre, Guild Hall, Weston Playhouse, Westport Country Playhouse. Broadway:Associate designer for Sunset Boulevard, Something Rotten!, Les Liasions Dangereuses and others. Other: Zaide (Carnegie Hall), Great Performances (PBS), Chita Rivera: Legendary Celebration (International Tour), and six seasons with IMCD Lighting for NY Fashion Week. Awards: Connecticut Critics’ Circle, NY Innovative Theatre. Member: United Scenic Artists.

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JOSH LIEBERT (Sound Designer) Selected Designs: Rocky Horror (Buck’s County); Ain’t Misbehavin’ (European Tour); Our Country’s Good, The Last Confession (Toronto); Story of My Life, South Pacific (Delaware Theatre Co.); Off-Broadway: The Other Josh Cohen; Son of A Gun, Galois.

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SHAWN DUAN (Projection Designer) Broadway: Chinglish (Longacre Theatre). Off-Broadway/New York: Knickerbocker, Before Your Very Eyes (The Public Theater); The Who's Tommy (Abrons Art Center). Regional: Miss Saigon, FLY, Chasing Rainbows (premiere) (Flat Rock Playhouse); Buyer and Cellar (Pittsburgh Public Theater); Tarzan (North Shore Music Theatre); The Other Place, Great Gatsby, Sing the Rising Sea (premiere) (Virginia Stage Company).  Opera: Prima Donna (New York City Opera); Benjamin Button the Opera(Symphony Space). Tours: An Evening with Pacino (U.S., international); Alvin and the Chipmunks Live!; Super Why! Live!; Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Las Vegas: Frankie Moreno: Under the Influence; Paul Zerdin: Mouthing Off; Puppet Up: Uncensored.


DTE MANAGEMENT  Founded by Ken Davenport, DTE Management is an industry leader in general management services for Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. DTE Management currently manages Avenue Q, Attack of the Elvis Impersonators and the anticipated Broadway revival of Once on This Island. Previous productions include the Tony Award-nominated Broadway revival of Spring Awakening as well as Off-Broadway productions of Daddy Long Legs, A Dog Story, Trip of Love, My First Time, Clinton the Musical and the successful ten-year run of The Awesome 80s Prom. Find out more at


TINC (DUNCAN NORTHERN - Director of Production, DYLAN LUKE - Production Manager) Established in 2007, Tinc is a technical producing firm, providing experienced production management, technical talent, and event consulting. Tinc specializes in high-profile theatrical productions, corporate events, meetings, fashion shows, and concerts throughout the world. Recent credits include Church and State, The View Upstairs, Cagney, Blueprint Specials, Pips Island, VERSO, Shear Madness, the New York Musical Theatre Festival, Clinton The Musical, and Mike Birbiglia's Thank God For Jokes. (


ABM (Advertising/Marketing) Led by Amanda Bohan, ABM is a full-service advertising & marketing firm specializing in theatre, arts & culture, with expertise in marketing & promotions, traditional & online advertising, social media, and creative services.